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It is the policy of Bonneville County to observe the following days and such other days as shall be designated by the Board of County Commissioners each year as holidays:

* New Year's Day (January 1)

* Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday in January)

* Presidents' Day (third Monday in February)

* Memorial Day (last Monday in May)

* Independence Day (July 4)

* Labor Day (first Monday in September)

* Columbus Day (second Monday in October)

* Veterans' Day (November 11)

* Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November)

* Day after Thanksgiving

* Christmas (December 25)

With the exception of essential functions, County offices will generally be closed on designated holidays and employees will be given the day off. With the exception of exempt or salaried employees, regular full-time employees will receive (8) eight hours of holiday pay at their regular rate for each holiday observed in addition to any other pay to which they may be entitled. Exempt employees receive their regular salary regardless of whether they work the holiday or not. Holiday pay will be prorated for regular part-time employees based on the number of hours they are regularly authorized to work. Regular part-time employees are those who are regularly authorized to work 20 hours or more per week or 1,040 annually.

In order to qualify for holiday pay, otherwise eligible employees must work their regularly scheduled shift immediately preceding and following the day on which the holiday is observed. Paid leave shall be considered the same as time worked for the purpose of determining eligibility for holiday pay. The County reserves the right to require verification from a qualified health care provider before approving holiday pay if an employee is absent due to an illness or disability on either or both of these shifts.

A holiday which falls on a Saturday will generally be observed on the preceding Friday and holidays which fall on a Sunday will generally be observed on the following Monday. Departments which are not regularly scheduled to work on the day the holiday would normally be observed may schedule an alternate day off with the approval of the Board of County Commissioners.

Exempt employees who are required to work on a scheduled holiday may be given an alternate day off at the discretion of their supervisor or manager. Non-exempt employees with work schedules which do not generally require them to work on observed holidays may be given an alternate day off or overtime compensation for hours worked on an observed holiday in addition to holiday pay. Shift workers who are regularly scheduled to work on observed holidays will be paid at their regular hourly rate for hours worked on an observed holiday in addition to holiday pay.

The County recognizes that some employees may wish to observe, as periods of worship or commemoration, certain days which are not included in the regular holiday schedule. Employees who wish to take time off for such reasons may be permitted to do so with the approval of their supervisor or manager provided their absence would not result in an undue hardship. Employees may use accumulated paid leave or leave without pay for this purpose.

Policy No.  305  Adopted  3/7/2011  Revised  3/7/2011

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