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Steven Rounds - Public Works Director
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
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2700 Manwill Road
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The Public Works Department is responsible for providing various services for Bonneville County including:

• Transportation system design and safety
• Design, construction and maintenance of County roads and bridges
• Solid waste management
• Street addressing
• Subdivision plat and improvement review/inspection

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Subdivision Plat Review Process

All subdivision and condominium plats recorded in Bonneville County must first be reviewed by the County Surveyor as per Idaho Code Section 50-1305. The Public Works Department also reviews the drawings and Development Agreement for all improvements to be constructed in County developments.

Following is the process for a subdivision/condominium plat review:

1. Submit one paper copy and a digital (.dwg) file of the plat with the required fees (see County Subdivision Fees or City Subdivision Fees) along with one set of the improvement drawings and a development agreement (county subdivisions only). A review of a subdivision plat in Idaho Falls will not begin until the city surveyor has given his approval. A plat review will not start until the fees have been paid.
2. The county surveyor has at least 30 days to review the plat and/or improvement drawings and return comments to the developer or his surveyor.
3. After changes have been made, new paper copies of the revised plat and/or improvement drawings are provided to the county surveyor. If the plat and/or improvement drawings are not correct after 3 reviews, additional review fees will be charged.
4. After the plat for a city subdivision is approved, it will be signed by the county surveyor.
5. After the plat and improvement drawings for a county subdivision have been approved and prior to the recording of the plat, all required inspection fees must be paid to the Public Works Department.
6. An approved county subdivision plat will be scheduled for signing with the Board of County Commissioners by the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department must have all signed Mylar copies of the plat, a signed development agreement and a copy of the signed improvement drawings by Thursday to get the plat scheduled the following Wednesday.


Rural Addresses

1. A new rural address request is initiated through the Bonneville County Planning and Zoning Department when a building permit is applied for. The Planning and Zoning Department submits a “New Rural Address Request Form” to the Public Works Department and provides the applicant with a stake to be placed on the property where the new driveway is to be located.
2. A Public Works representative then makes the necessary distance measurements to the driveway stake and generates the correct sequential address number.
3. The Public Works Department then returns the completed “New Rural Address Request Form” to the Planning and Zoning Department which sends a copy of the new address to the applicant and to the Bonneville County Data Processing Department for use by other County departments.
4. If an address requested is within the boundaries of a city, the individual would need to contact that city’s Planning and Zoning Department to place the request.


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Bonneville County

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