Follow the links below for information on road closures/detours, current road construction, future road projects and road maintenance schedules.


ROAD CONSTRUCTION MAP (click map to open)



Deep Creek Road (Jackknife area) - washout



Palisades Creek Road (Swan Valley) - widen and oil the first mile from Highway 26. Completion date 8/1/17.



Chip Seal the following roads starting 7/17/17:

15th West - 65th South to 97th South
129th South - 1st East to 5th West
1st Street - Ammon Road to Foothill Road
Lincoln Road - 45th East to Bone Road
52nd East - 1st Street to 21st Street
115th East - Highway 26 to 89th North
89th North - 115th East to east end
45th West - 17th North to 33rd North
Business Loop - 45th West to Highway 20
65th South - Highway 91 to 15th East
Holmes Avenue - 65th South to 81st South
Ammon Road - 17th Street to Highway 26
33rd North - Highway 26 to Foothill Road
River Front Drive - 5th West to west end


  • Lincoln Road: currently under design from 25th East to 45th East inclusive of the intersections. The first phase is projected to go to bid in February 2018. A link to the formal study of the 2 mile corridor can be found HERE. The preliminary layout of the first phase can be found HERE, the second phase can be found HERE



Bonneville Map

Bonneville County

605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID, 83402
Phone: (208) 529-1350