Right of Way/Easement Vegetation Managment Plan Permit


Majority of new invasions of noxious and invasive weeds occur along road ways due to some sort of disturbance.  Most disturbances along the ROW are caused by developments or utility work along the site.  In past cases most disturbances were not required to return the site to a similar vegetative state that was found prior to the project.  This permit is to reduce this invasion of weeds and develop a notification system to BCW of where these activities are to occur so that we can start monitoring the sites for new invaders.

When organizations utilize the County Right-of-Way (ROW) and cause soil disturbance during the construction phase of the project this has become a large factor in the increase of unwanted invasive and noxious weeds along these roadways.  This is creating more expense to Bonneville County and environmental impacts to the ROW due to the invasion of undesired weeds.  The Permittee needs to accept responsibility in that their activities need to consider re-establishing the ROW to a similar condition that was found prior to the disturbance. 

Upon authorization to disturb Bonneville County Right of Way (ROW), a Permittee shall choose one of four programs to ensure proper vegetation or invasive weed control takes place to maintain proper vegetation after construction within the ROW.


 Bonneville County Right of Way Revegetation Permit


Complete details of requirements as well as information upon how to perform the activities, where to purchase seed, and more information on revegetating road shoulders and right-of-ways please click below.


Bonneville County Roadside Revegetation Permit Details


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