1978 Exhibits

Exhibit Number Description of Exhibit
 630-78 Juvenile Probation and Aftercare Agreement
 631-78 Development Agreement Victor Hanks Subdivision Div #3
 632-78 1/10/1978 Impact Map and Plan Hearing
 633-78A F. A. Project OS-1000 (5) Bridge Over Sand Creek on Township Rd.
 633-78B F. A. Project OS-1000 (4) Bridge Over Sand Creek on Park Rd.
 633-78C F.A. Project OS-1000 (1) Bridge Over Sand Creek on Telford Road
 634-78A Impact Area
 634-78B Impact Area
 634-78C Impact Area
 635-78 Petition Arthur B. Johnson
 636-78 100% Parity Resolution for Farmers
 637-78 Distribution of Magistrate Court Funds
 638-78 Intent to Appeal Merland Snarr
 639-78 Development Agreement Lincoln Park Subdivision Div #3
 640-78 Telford Park Development Agreement
 641-78 Petition - Road - Iona/Bonneville Sewer Project
 642-78 Twin Butle Rd. Dal Schultz's Relocation Proposal
 643-78 Railroad Crossing - Rossiter Tort Claim
 644-78 Dispatcher Agreement
 645-78 Funding for Pros. Atty.'s Office in New Facility
 646-78 Proposed Indoor Swimming Pool
 647-78 Summons Thomas D. Griffith vs. Judge H. Reynold George & Bonneville County
 648-78 Load Limits
 649-78 NACO News Release
 650-78 Bone Road
 651-78 Intersection Sunnyside and St. Clair
 652-78 Petition for Better Snowmobile Trails
 653-78 Railroad Crossing  Accident -  Tort Claim (Beverly L. Gardner)
 654-78 Thurman Peterson/City of Idaho Falls Omitted Lands
 655-78 Public Hearing Property South of Idaho Falls North of York Road
 656-78 Public Hearing Clarence Shore Rezone
 657-78 Public Hearing Land Use Plan and Map
 658-78 Pros. Atty. Audit
 659-78 Happyville Owner
 660-78 Deferred Compensation Bylaws
 661-78 County's "B" Budgets December 1977
 662-78 Parkview Hospital Request for Review
 663-78 Guy A. Poulen- Application for Variance
 664-78 Rim Rock Subdivision Roads Promissory Note
 665-78 Krupp/Siegel Public Hearing
 666-78 Richard Campbell's Subdivision Public Hearing

1978 Legislative Conference News Release

 668-78 Proposal Concerning Distribution of Court Costs   
 669-78 Parkview Hospital Claims Denied
 670-78 Parkview Hospital Claims Denied
 671-78 Parkview Hospital Claims Denied
 672-78 3/27/1978 Load Limits Lifted
 673-78 Opposing Krupp/Siegel Zone Change
 674-78 Supporting Krupp/Siegel Zone Change
 675-78 Text Proposal Ordinance Relating to City Impact Area
 676-78 First Public Hearing (Happyville)
 677-78 Guy A. Poulsen Appeal Hearing 
 678-78 Panorama Hills Rezone Public Hearing
 679-78 Ernest Andras Rezone Public Hearing
 680-78 Area Damaged by 4/7/1978 Tornado
 681-78 Panorama Hills Recreation Area
 682-78 Krupp/Siegel Appeal to Dist. Court
 683-78 Salaries Comparison
 684-78 Second Happyville HUD Pre-Application
 685-78 League of Women Voters of Idaho Falls/Inclusion of Land into Bonneville County Land Use Plan and Map
 686-78 Parkview Hospital Petition
 687-78 Dev. Agreement/ McDonald's', Division No. 1 & 2
 688-78 Cost of Living Changes Proposal
 689-78 Resolution/Treasures/Charity Budget
 690-78 Zone Hearing Lincoln Park No. 4
 691-78 Zone Hearing Monte Piquet
 692-78 Zone Hearing C.A. Holm
 693-78 1% Tax Initiation Program
 694-78 Dr. James McCue/ Conditional-Use Permit Hearing
 695-78 Bids to Move Courts to New Facility
 696-78 Amiee Ann Estates Hearing
 697-78 Swan Valley/Irwin Solid Waste Mtg
 698-78 Comments Relative to Decrease of Membership on Planning and Zoning
 699-78 Commission Ammons Opposition IF Building Transmission Line
 700-78 Ordinance 109-78 Reducing Membership of Planning and Zoning Commission
 701-78 Historical Society Program
 702-78 Byrd Subdivision, Div. #2, Div. Agreement
 703-78 Rancho Via Subdivision
 704-78 Acceptance of Rds. Clover Dale Est, No. 5; Woodland Heights No. 1 & 2; Mobile Home Est., No. 9; Country Club Hills, No. 1; Mobile Home Est. No. 10; Canyon Cr. Est. No. 1 & 2 , and Scottsville No. 3
 705-78 FDC Development/Aspen Park and Richard Rowberry Property
 706-78 25th St. Right-of-way Agreement (Steinkamp & Erickson)
 707-78 Appeal Hearing Jeff Stoddard Appeal/ West Side Park
 708-78 Judy Couch Rezone Hearing
 709-78 Heyrend Industrial Park Rezone Hearing
 710-78 Proposal for Joint  City/County Registration
 711-78 Acceptance of Rds. in Clover Dale Estates, Div #6 Dixie Street to Blossom Drive
 712-78 Comms' Level Public Hearing on Linda Vista
 713-78 City/County Impact Area
 714-78 Ordinance No. 714-78 Licensing of Peddlers and Solicitors
 715-78 Petition to Restore Amy Lane and Leroy Drive
 716-78 Comms' Hearing on Homestead Estates Appeal
 717-78 Unemployment of Compensation Cost Control Service Agreement
 718-78 Donald Schmier Rezone Hearing & Appeal
 719-78 Special-Use Permit Hearing/Denzel Bergeson
 720-78 Ordinance Proposed for Control of Dogs
 721-78 Floodplain Management Measures
 722-78 Planning and Zoning Comm. Workshop Meeting
 723-78 1978 Polling Places
 724-78 Rimrock Acres Subdivisions annexed to Fire District
 725-78 Petition concern of Dist. 7 Health Budget
 726-78 Revised Schedule of Costs of Operation Law Enf. Complex
 727-78 Aspen Park Appeal Hearing/FDC Development
 728-78 Agreement Elevator Equipment
 729-78 Phillip Knowles Public Hearing
 730-78 78-79 Animal Shelter Budget Request
 731-78 Law Enf. Agreement for city of Ammon
 732-78 April/June 1978 Home Health Agency Report
 733-78 Approval of Inclusion of Phil Knowles Property in Land-Use Map
 734-78 Questions relative to Aspen Park Estates
 735-78 Highway Estates Agreement
 736-78 Aug. 1, 1978, Happyville Public Hearing
 737-78 Leasing and Maintenance Agreement for Word Processor
 738-78 Amendment to Community Development Citizens Participation Plan
 739-78 New Release relative to BCOD
 740-78 New Release relative to BCOD
 741-78 Agreement with Dr. Smith/County Doctor Contract
 742-78 Public Hearing on Comms' Level Lary Spilker
 743-78 County acceptance of Subdiv. Rds, Clover Dale Est Div. 6
 744-78 Public Hearing on Comms' Level Ethan Anderson
 745-78 Ammon/Bonneville County Impact Area Agreement
 746-78 FDC Development Co./ Aspen Park Est. Questions
 747-78 Hearing Land-Use Map-Entere County Including Growth Areas
 748-78 Fire Inspection and Needed Requirements
 749-78 Bernall Clark Public Hearing Zone Change
 750-78 LID #2, Interview Warrants, $27,991.37
 751-78 1978-79 Tentative Budget
 752-78 State awarding ambulance bid
 753-78 Directive Relative to New Hire Physical Exams    
 754-78 Comore Loma DIv-No.5, Development Agreement
 755-78 Apparel Inc. Zoning Public Hearing
 756-78 1978-79 Explanation of Budget Process
 757-78 Happyville Public Hearing 9/12/78
 758-78 Petition to pave east end Fairview Rd.
 759-78 78-79 Status of Tax Levies
 760-78 Development Agreement Heyrend Industrial Park
 761-78 Art Johnson/Linda Vist Appeal
 762-78 County Policy Regarding Medically Indigent Patients Emergency Hospitalization
 763-78 2nd-year agreement with international systems
 764-78A Linda Vista preliminary and final plat
 764-78B Linda Vista preliminary and final plat
 765-78 Public Defender Contract 78-80
 766-78 Petition to Pave East-end Fairview Road
 767-78 Acceptance of Rds. in Lincoln Pk. Sudiv. 1&3
 768-78A Hearing and Approval Amending Sec. 1-2002 No.1 + 1-419 Zoning Ordinance
 768-78B Hearing and Approval Amending Sec. 1-2002 No.1 & 1-419 Zoning Ordinance
 769-78 Happyville Grant Meeting (10/10/78)
 770-78 Contract for Appraisal Services
 771-78 Juvenile Probation and Aftercare Agreement
 772-78 Audit Report 9 Months Ended Sept 30, 1977
 773-78 Ray Haroldsen Public Hearing Minutes
 774-78 R-3 Residence Zone
 775-78 Public Hearing Robert Burggraf Appeal
 776-78 Public Hearing C. Herman Sargent Conditional use Permit
 777-78 Public Hearing Change Zoning Ord. to add R-3 Zone
 778-78 Contract for Appraisal Services for County Re-evaluation Program
 779-78 C Herman Sargent's Letter Withdrawing application for conditional use permit
 780-78 Proposed Legislation by IAC and AIC
 780-78A Proposed Legislation by IAC and AIC
 781-78 Lincoln Park Subdiv. PUD
 782-78 Proposed Changes in Dog Laws    
 783-78 Kurt Krupp/Dan Siegel Appeal Hearing
 784-78 Country Club Road Petition
 785-78 Protests to Assessment LID No. 2
 786-78 Hearing and Approval Van Arnold
 787-78 Lurus/Schwieder Appeal Hearing
 788-78 Larry Brown Zone Change Public Hearing
 789-78 Gomm Brothers Appeal Hearing and Granting of Zone

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