1977 Exhibits

Exhibit Number Description of Exhibit
357-77 Blank Public Defender Contract
358-77 Copy Salvation Army Lot Warranty Deed
359-77 Memo TDRO
360-77 A Dec. 21 Letter from Bob Gray Relative to Charlie Hebertson
360-77 B Jan. 3 Letter from Commissioners' Relative to Charlie Hebertson
361-77 A Letter from Zoning Commission on Impact Area
361-77 B Letter from Ammon on Impact Area
361-77 C Letter from Idaho Falls on Impact Area
363-77 Chps. 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10 Personnel Rules and Regulations with Employees Committee's Corrections
363-77 Cost Figures on Joint City-County Proposed 400 Dimension Telephone
364-77 Letter of Intent for PBX System Joint City-County
365-77 Copy Computer Addendum Cooperative Agreement
366-77 Schedule of Anticipated Costs for Operation & Maintenance of City-County Law Enforcement Facility
367-77 1976 Audit Report
368-77 Parks and Recreation Agenda 1/13/77
369-77 Order of Cancellations John Jardine & Griffith Harmon
370-77 Gilchrist, BCOG, Federal Disaster Assistance Administration
371-77 Public Defender Contract for Jan 24-Sept. 30, 1977
372-77 Letter Intermountain Mobilfone, Inc. Tax Appeal
373-77 A Conditional Maintenance Northside Estates Subdivision
373-77 B Conditional Maintenance Northside Estates Subdivision Cormore Loma Subdivision #3
373-77 C Conditional Maintenance Northside Estates Subdivision Cormore Loma Subdivision #2
373-77 D Conditional Maintenance Northside Estates Subdivision Mobile Home Estates Subdiv. #9
373-77 E Conditional Maintenance Northside Estates Subdivision Clover Dale Estates Subdiv. #3
374-77 Bid Opening R&B Equipment
375-77 Payment Record of Welfare Client, Wayne Elvin Sawyer Sr.
376-77 Submitted by Bone Residents Bonn. Co. Land Use
377-77 Public Hearing Ernest Hill, Haroldsen Estates, Wattenbarger Zone Changes
378-77 Petition Linda Vista Housing Development
379-77 Bit-O'-Heaven Development Agreement
380-77 Highlights of Revenue Sharing Amendments
381-77 District & Health 1977 Budget
382-77 General Organization Structure Idaho's Dist. Health Dept.
383-77 A Minutes Public Hearing Revenue Sharing Uses
383-77 B Letter R/S Funds & Senior Citizens & League of Women Voters
384-77 1977 Proposed Use of Revenue Sharing
385-77 1977 Budget Proposal for Parks and Recreation
386-77 1977 Budget Hearing Minutes
387-77 Leland Lewis Zoning Appeal
388-77 A Project # RS 685 3 (1) Right of Way Certificate
388-77 B Project # RS 685 3 (1) Resolution
388-77 C Project # RS 685 3 (1) Relocation & Incidental Payments Information
389-77 2/28/77 6th Dist. Commissioners and Clerks Meeting
390-77 Commissioner Snarr Trip Report to Public Land Symposium
391-77 Commissioner Burtenshaws Trip Report to Caldwell, Idaho
392-77 Lawndale LID Bonds Out for Bid
393-77 46 Precinct Boundaries
394-77 A Paul Empey Conditional Use Hearing
394-77 B Public Hearing: William C. Kyle
395-77 Juvenile Probation and Aftercare Agreement
396-77 Papers Submitted to Comm. Burtenshaw on Highway Estates
397-77 Letter Requesting Financial and Program Audits of ARA
398-77 Trip Report Comm. Suitter to Legislature and Water Board
399-77 Letter Platting Sheep Creek Subdivision Salisbury Property
400-77 Minutes Advisory Council for Project Weatherization EDSSA
401-77 State Ins. Fund Notice of Change of Experience Modification
402-77 Abandonment of a Portion of Goshin Branch RR
403-77 Linda Vista Appeal to the Commissioners
404-77 Parks and Recreation Agenda 3/16/1977
405-77 Parks and Recreation Fees and Charges
406-77 Canyon Creek Estates Development Agreement
407-77 Petition Relative Aligning Twin Butte Road
408-77 A Lakeside Estates Subdivision Non-Maintenance Agreement
408-77 B Lakeside Estates Subdivision Easement
408-77 C Lakeside Estates Subdivision Map
409-77 Lincoln Road Park Project Agreement for Development
410-77 LEPC Gregory E. Moon's Application for Reimbursement
411-77 Hatch # 23275 Writ of Mandamus
412-77 LID Results of Sale (Lawndale)
413-77 LID Official Statement (Lawndale)
414-77 Development Agreement Clover Dale Estates Div #5
415-77 EIPDA Meeting Agenda
416-77 Utah Power and Light Increases
417-77 Dist. VII Health Dept. Financial Situation
418-77 Resolution Adopted by 6th Dist. Comm. Welfare Reform
419-77 Historical Society Honoring Keefer Family
420-77 Publications of Commissioners Acts and Proceedings
421-77 Ms. Nina Moore's Claim for Damages
422-77 Bud Stafford Claim for Damages
423-77 USBR Pumping Water Out of this to Southwestern Idaho Mtg
424-77 Resolution to Support Alarm System for Dams
425-77 Development Agreement Clover Dale Estates Div. #6
426-77 Ordinance # 106-77 Local Improvement Dist #1
427-77 Statewide Civil Defense Exercise
428-77 Minutes Comore Loma Zone Change
429-77 Minutes Country Corner Estates Div. #2
430-77 Law Enforcement Facility Phase II-B, Tabulations of Proposals
431-77 BCOG 1977 Budget
432-77 Phase II-B Letter to EDA John Murphy
433-77 Changes Recommended in Land-Use Map
434-77 ARA Agenda
435-77 Beer License Suspension Forde Johnson Oil
436-77 1975-1976 Judicial Dist. 7 Supervision Report
437-77 State and County Noxious Weed Agreement
438-77 4-15 and 16-77 Trip Report Comm. Snarr Dist. Boards of Health
439-77 Country Club Addition Div 2 Development Agreement
440-77 Meeting Phase II and II-B
441-77 Northerly End of Wolverine Rd. Abandoned by County
442-77 Humane Society and Bonn. County 1977 Contract Agreement
443-77 Burr Dennis, Lakeside Estates, Non-Maintenance Agreement
444-77 Woodruff Ave. No. Highway, Sanitary Sewer LID
445-77 4/27/1977 Public Hearing Zoning Commission
446-77 Bonn. Co. and U&I Sugar Co. Liability Release and Hold Harmless Agreement
447-77 Letter Relative Senior Citizens Housing Project Barg Non-Profit Organization
448-77 4 Holding Tanks Approved for Country Corner Estates Div. I
449-77 Bonn. Co. USDA Drought Defense Board Meeting 5/3/1977
450-77 Greater Swan Valley Fire Protection District Election Notice
451-77 May 6, Cooperative Law Enforcement Facility Meeting Minutes
452-77 MPA and Asso. Proposal for Analysis and Systems Study
453-77 Advertising Changes and Adoptions of 1968 Zoning Ord.
454-77 Uniform Fire Code, Uniform Building Code, Abatement of Dangerous Building Code, Sign Co.
455-77 Amendments State Planning Act
456-77 Amending Board of Adjustments
457-77 Amendments R-2 Residence
458-77 Notice to Taxpayers: Appealing Decision of County Board of Equalization
459-77 Reg. Zoning Meeting Land Use Plan East River Commons and Comore Loma Div.
460-77 McDonalds Farm Public Hearing
461-77 Copy Relative to Determination of Eligibility for Assistance - Community Hospital Memorandum Agreement - (Sample)
462-77 May 18, 1977 Magistrate's Commission Mtg. Minutes
463-77 May 18, 1977 6th District Association of Commissioners' and Clerk's Mtg.
464-77 May 18, 1977 District VII Health Dept. Mtg. Minutes
465-77 May 20, 1977 Law Enforcement Facility Cooperative Mtg.
466-77 AITA Regional Mtg. and ARA Budget
467-77 Humane Society Designated as Vendor of Canine License
468-77 Development Agreement Victor F. Hanks Addition, Div. No. 1
469-77 Development Agreement Victor F. Hanks Addition, Div. No. 2
470-77 Agreement for Surveying Sheep Creek - Carl L. Salisbury Property
471-77 City-County Mtg. 5/25/1977
472-77 Map Greater Swan Valley Fire Protection District
473-77 Map Greater Swan Valley Fire Protection District Election Results
474-77 Clover Dale Estates Division No. 7 Development Agreement
475-77 Bi-weekly Cooperative Law Enforcement Facility Mtg.
476-77 Grace Garrott Property - Appraisers Approval
477-77 Scout Troop Removing Salvage Metal from Sanitary Landfill No. 2
478-77 NACO Conference on County Resource Development for Aging Citizens
479-77 Staff Meeting Minutes 6/8/1977
480-77 Petition for Rehearing William C. Kyle Special Use Permit
481-77 Minutes Comprehensive Land-Use Plan Changes
482-77 Cormore Loma Addition No. 4 Development Agreement
483-77 Comore Loma Addition No. 4 Development Agreement Building Permits not to be Issued
484-77 Petition Relative to Proposed Improvements on Oagood Road
485-77 Changes in the Land-Use Plan and Material
486-77 Cooperative Law Enforcement Facility Mtg.
487-77 Resolution of Intent to Create LID No. 2
488-77 Appeal of Denying of Zone Change Lincoln Park
489-77 Suspension of Beer License
490-77 Bid Open: One Ten-Wheel Tandem Axle Truck
491-77 6th Dist. Commissioners and Clerks Mtg. 6/23/1977
492-77 Ambulance Fee Survey
493-77 Ambulance Fee Survey 1977-1978 Budget Proposal
494-77 Distribution of Ambulance Runs Between Counties
495-77 Energy Committee Mtg.
496-77 Federal Aid Project for Signing
497-77 Certificate of Appointment Greater Swan Valley Fire Dist.
498-77 Letter Lydda Mattson Hardship Exemption Disallowed
499-77 City-County Mtg. 6/29/1977
500-77 Lincoln Park Zone Change Meeting
501-77 Tie Breaker Village Hearing and Actions
502-77 Idaho Falls - Bonn. Co. Ambulance Service Rate Increase
503-77 Notice of Public Hearing East Rivers Commons, Idaho Falls Electrical Subdivision, and Lincoln Park
504-77 Letters Informing of Disallowed Hardship Exemptions
505-77 6/30/1977 Publication LID No. 2 Woodruff Ave. - N. Highway Sanitary Sewer
506-77 Cooperative Law Enforcement Facility Mtg 7/1/1977
507-77 Appeal Hearing Open Air Estates
508-77 Board of Equalization Sustain Action of Assessor Jimmy Bruce Lyon and Phillip F. Oswald
509-77 Board of Equalization Disallowed Hardship Exemption for Anna M. Lake
510-77 Board of Equalization Valuation Appeal of John Kelley
511-77 MPA Conclusions for a Computer Assisted Appraisal Program
512-77 Board of Equalization Disallowed Hardship Exemption Ola L. Hokanson
513-77 Dist. 7 Health Guideline for Subdivisions in Problem Area
514-77 Dist. 7 Health Guideline for Subdivision in Problem Area "Supported"
515-77 Open Air Estates Appeal Hearing
516-77 Open Air Estates Appeal Hearing Letter to Appellants
517-77 Open Air Estates Appeal Hearing Developers
518-77 Amended Development Agreement River Acres Estates
519-77 Woodruff Ave - N. Highway Sanitary Sewer LID No. 2
520-77 July 15, Cooperative Law Enforcement Facility Mtg.
521-77 Public Hearing Comms' Level Lincoln Park  Division #2
522-77 Public Hearing East River Commons
523-77 Public Hearing City of Idaho Falls Electrical Subdivision
524-77 Agreement Bonn. Co. and Highway Estates
525-77 Minutes of Public Hearing and Adoption Dist. 7 Health Budget
526-77 Letter Relative to Reclassification Motor Vehicle Supervisor and Clerk
527-77 Small Animal Control Contacts
528-77 NACO Conference Trip Reports by Comms. Suitter & Snarr
529-77 Taylor Addition Public Hearing & Zoning Change
530-77 BCOG's Preliminary Budget 1977-1978
531-77 LID #2 Meeting Minutes
532-77 Ordinance # 107-77 (Sewer)
533-77 Street Names Changed Canyon Creek Estates, Div. #2
534-77 Planning Commission Hearing 8/10/1977 Lincoln Park #2, Northside Estates #3
535-77 Petition Objecting Closure of Taylor Creek, Taylor Mountain
536-77 Proposal 1977-1978 Uses of Revenue Sharing Monies
537-77 Estimated Repairs for Senior Citizens Center
538-77 Resource Conservation & Development Area - By-Laws
539-77 Dist. 7 Health Material Given at Board Mtg.
540-77 Development Agreement Country Corner Est. Div. #2
541-77 Bonn. Co. & Iona - Bonneville Sewer Dist. Easement Agreement
542-77 Pros. Atty.'s Answers Concerning Zoning Procedures
543-77 Woodruff Ave- N. Highway Sanitary Sewer LID #2
544-77 EOC Radio Equipment Bid Opening
545-77 Cost-of-Living Increase and Insurance Benefits
546-77 Planning Commission Mtg. August 31, 1977 Galaxy Est., Vernon Priest
547-77 Petition Relative to Artell Suitter
548-77 News Release from Artell Suitter
549-77 Letter to Pros. Atty. Requesting Council at Zoning Commission Hearings
550-77 Budget Hearing - 1977-1978
551-77 Notice of Public Hearing Vernon Priest Property and Galaxy Estates
552-77 Lincoln Park Subdiv #2 - Planning Commission
553-77 Lincoln Park Subdiv #2 - Alpine Investment
554-77 Tax Exemption - Vickie Stanton
555-77 Rimrock Subdivision Roads
556-77 EOC Radio Equipment Bid
557-77 Public Defenders Contract
558-77 Skateboarding at Country Club Hills
559-77 News Release 1977 Mill Levy
560-77 Certifying 1977 Levies
561-77 Zoning Commission - West Jennie Lee Add., Valley Mountain Est., Vic Hanks Subdiv #3
562-77 Development Agreement Lincoln Park Subdiv. #1
563-77 Trip Report of 37th Annual Asso. of Interstate of Public Land Counties
564-77 Assessing Carl L. Salisbury Tracts
565-77 Public Defender Contract
566-77 Rebid Notice EOC Radio Equipment
567-77 Russel Fogg 1977 Tax Valuation Appeal
568-77 Juvenile Probation and Aftercare Agreement
569-77 A Blue Cross Retention Agreement
569-77 B Experience Reports
570-77 9/21/1977 6th Dist. Asso. Comms. and Clerks Mtg.
571-77 Commissioners' Public Hearing on Galaxy Estates and Vernon Priest
572-77 Letter to Idaho Falls Hospital Relative to Chance William Reagle
573-77 Court Probation Officer for DWI Cases
574-77 Request to Build Bridge on Buck Road
575-77 United Way Campaigning Letter
576-77 School Dist. # 93 Approval of Bond
577-77 Rebid of Public Defender Contract
578-77 Acceptance of Roads in Cloverdale Est. Div. # 5
579-77 Notice of Rebid for Public Defender Contract
580-77 Leave of Absence - Elvin Hincks
581-77 EIRC - CETA Funding Exe, Director Position
582-77 School Dist. # 93 - Loertcher Keep Bone Rd. During Winter
583-77 Claims of Community Hospital
584-77 ARA Budget - Itemized and Certified Statements
585-77 Ordinance LID #2 Woodruff Ave. - N. Highway Sanitary Sewer
586-77 Planning Comm. Minutes - Lincoln Park, Sanderson & Warr, Martin & Wright
587-77 Letter of Understanding, Draney & Wells, Service Agreement
588-77 Notice of Public Hearing Lincoln Park Subdiv. #2
589-77 Investigation of Personal Interest of Artell Suitter Dismissal
590-77 Comm. Suitter to Serve One More Year on the Public Lands Steering Committee
591-77 Comora Loma Div. 4 Sanitary Restrictions and Permits
592-77 Federal Surplus Property Program
593-77 Public Defender Contract 1977-1978
594-77 International Systems Inc. Agreement Procuring Grant Monies
595-77 Refunding Bond for School Dist. #63
596-77 Refunding Bond for School Dist. #93
597-77 Agreement - EMS Financial Grant
598-77 Notice of Public Hearing on Galaxy Estates
599-77 Development Agreement "Landmark Center Subdivision"
600-77 Relocation of Roads and Contract for Ririe Lake Project
601-77 Work Schedule for New Law Enforcement Facility proposed by Development Workshop
602-77 Development Agreement Ray Ferguson Add. Div. 1
603-77 Rimrock Subdivision Roads
604-77 Speed Limit, South Holmes Subdivision
605-77 Road Abandonment - Meadow Creek Road
606-77 Lincoln Park Subdiv. #2 Public Hearing
607-77 Flood Control Boundary Map
608-77 County Road, State, and County Road Finance Reports
609-77 Local Road Mileage Report
610-77 Public Hearing Galaxy Estates Subdiv., Div. 2
611-77 S. Warren Wright and Henry Marten
612-77 Precautionary Measures at Railroad Crossing Meeting
613-77 Rangwald M. Simonsen's Account (Welfare)
614-77 Memorandum Agreement - Community Hospital
615-77 C. A. Patterson Appointed Recreation Planners
616-77 Charlie Hammer leaving Bonn. Co.
617-77 Virlow C. Petersen - Tax Appeal
618-77 Crushed Gravel Bid #78006 Heilson and Tyler Pits
619-77 Petition/Pros. Atty.
620-77 Agreement Dimension (Telephone) Operator
621-77 Dec. 13 Sixth Dist. Asso. Mtg.
622-77 Resolutions Proposed by IAC for 1978 Legislature
623-77 Idaho Falls Medical Plaza Tax Issue
624-77 Rd. Abandonment- Dean G. Huntsman
625-77 12/15/1977 Land Use Plan and Map -  City/County Impact Area
626-77 Letter from Personnel Counsel relative to Residence outside Bonn. Co.
627-77 Lincoln Park Subdivision Div. #3 Zone Change
628-77 Release of Ambulance Damages
629-77 Bidding Problem - Project #78006 and 78006-1 Crushed Gravel

Bonneville Map

Bonneville County

605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID, 83402
Phone: (208) 529-1350