Contact Information

Front Office: 208-529-1320
     *Homeowners Exemption
     *Property Tax Reduction (Circuit Breaker)
     *Non-Profitable and Charitable Exemption
     *Other Exemptions
Real Property Department: 208-529-1361
     *Agricultural Appraisals and Exemption 
     *Residential Appraisals 
     *Commercial Appraisals 
     *Manufactured Homes 
Personal Property Department: 208-529-1323 
     *Personal Property Appraisals 
     *New Business 
     *Ownership and mailing address changes (Personal Property only) 
     *Personal Property Exemptions

Platting/Mapping Department:  208-529-1359, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
     *Ownership Questions 
     *Mailing Address Changes 
     *Legal Description Questions 
     *Property Boundary Questions 
     *Acreage Questions
Motor Vehicle Department: 208-529-1331
      *All Motor Vehicle Questions

Bonneville Map

Bonneville County

605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID, 83402
Phone: (208) 529-1350