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Bonneville County offers a pleasant and stable work environment with competitive wages and a variety of employee benefits. Following is a list of benefits provided by Bonneville County for eligible employees. Copies of the county policies, plan documents and summary information are available at the Personnel Office. Information provided in official plan documents or contracts takes precedence over any other information provided orally or in writing. For more information on selected benefits follow the links provided or contact the Personnel Office at (208) 529-1340. 

Additional information on some benefits is also contained in the Employee Handbook.


County Pay Schedule                                   Holiday Schedule                    Law Enforcement Pay Schedule


CORE BENEFITS - provided for all eligible employees and some or all of the cost is paid by the County.

Social Security and Medicare - As required by law, the county matches deductions from employee's wages for Social Security and Medicare benefits at the rate of 7.65% of the employee's gross wage up to the statutory maximum.  Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice


Workman's Compensation Insurance - Bonneville County is self insured providing workman's compensation insurance benefits through Intermountain Claims for all eligible employees as required by law.  Workman's compensation insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and loss of income due to disability as a result of an injury or illness incurred in connection with employment.  For serious life threatening injuries employees should go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.  For all other injuries which require medical attention other than basic first aid, employees will be directed to one of the two Redicare facilities in Idaho Falls.  Employees are required to report all accidents or injuries as soon as practical to their supervisor who will complete a supervisor's accident report whether or not the employee requires medical attention.  A workman's compensation report and claim form must be completed as soon as practical when there is an injury which requires medical treatment other than basic first aid or which results in lost time from work beyond the shift in which the accident occurs.  



Unemployment Insurance - The county provides unemployment insurance for all eligible employees as required by law. Unemployment insurance is generally designed to provide limited income for employees who become unemployed through no fault of their own while they seek other suitable employment. The county pays approximately .5% of the employee's gross wage for this benefit.


Retirement - The county provides a defined benefit retirement plan for eligible employees through PERSI, the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho. In order to qualify for this benefit employees generally must work an average of at least 20 hours per week for a period of at least five consecutive months. All qualified employees are required to participate in this benefit.  Employee contribution rates are currently 6.79% for general members and 8.36% for law enforcement members.  The county contribution rates are currently 11.32% for general members and 11.66% for law enforcement. Employees may also make voluntary contributions to the PERSI Choice 401k plan, Contribution Form.  Visit the for more information on other changes to the retirement plan. Click here for a copy of the   Member Information Kit    or   PERSI Member Handbook


Employee Assistance Plan - The county provides counseling at no cost to qualified employees and their dependants. Confidential appointments may be arranged directly by contacting McLaughlin Young Employee Services at 1-800-633-3353. All employees qualify for this benefit. The EAP provides assistance through local counselors to help employees in dealing with personal, financial and legal issues that may be interfering with their health, happiness or ability to cope effectively.   In addition to personal counseling services the EAP also provides a wealth of information to help employees on their web site at http://www.mygroup.com/.  Your login ID is "bonneville" and the password is "guest."  Managers and supervisors may also access valuable information to help with their responsibilities by logging onto the management site using the User ID: mygroup and Password: manager1987. Click on the following link to view a short orientation on your new employee assistance benefits: 


Employee Information Flyer                EAP Work-Life Services Flyer


Health Insurance- The county currently offers health insurance to eligible employees at no cost administered by Blue Cross of Idaho's. The county also pays 80% of the additional premium for dependent coverage if elected. Coverage for eligible employee begins on the first of the month following a full calendar month of qualified service. Employees must be regularly assigned to work 30 hours or more per week to qualify for health insurance benefits. Coverage includes medical services,  $300 annual accident benefit, prescription medications, vision care and wellness or preventative care benefits.  Follow the links below for a description of the Blue Cross PPO plan coverage. Employees may obtain list of "In-Network" providers, check on the status of a claim, check deductible balances, etc. by registering on the Blue Cross of Idaho web site or by calling the local Blue Cross office at 522-8813. For a list "In-Network" vision service providers, to check on a claim or to file a vision claim for services from an out of network provider follow this link to the Vision Services Plan web site. Our independent agent, Ryan Anderson is also available at 523-3924 to answer questions about health and dental benefits and assist with claims issues.


Enrollment/Change Link


Blue Cross SBC Benefit Summary

VSP  Vision Summary

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice
Enrollee Certificate - Health Enrollment/Change  Wal-Mart $4 Rx Generic Drug List
Enrollee Certificate - Vision   Glossary of Health Coverage Terms Insurance Rates
Eligible Dependent Age Change Women's Cancer Act Preventitive Care Benefits Summary















Dental Insurance - The county currently offers dental insurance to eligible employees at no cost through Delta Dental and Willamette.  The county also pays 80% of the additional premium for dependent coverage if elected.  This is an incentive plan that pays 70% - 100% of routine, diagnostic and preventive services with no deductible up to a maximum of $1,250 per person per year with Delta Dental.  Other services are generally covered at 50%. Employees must work at least 30 hours per week on a regular basis to qualify for this benefit. Please see attached Willamette Summary of Benefits for coverages. 

Delta Dental Benefits Booklet and Summary     Delta Dental Ortho Flyer    

Enrollment/Change Form     Insurance Rates        Willamette Summary of Benefits  Willamette Enrollment


Paid Leave and Holidays - The county offers a generous paid leave benefit and 11 paid holidays for most full-time employees. Part-time employees who regularly work 20 or more hours per week receive prorated paid leave and holiday benefits.  More information information regarding paid leave and holidays is available in the Employee Handbook.

Vacation Leave     Sick Leave     Paid Holidays    


Life Insurance - The County provides $50,000 in life insurance through LifeMap Assurance Company at no cost to eligible employees up to age 65. After age 65, basic coverage is reduced as indicated in the benefit summary. In the case of an accidental death, basic coverage is doubled. Eligible dependents are also covered for $5,000 each. Employees must work at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis to qualify for this benefit.  Employees may also purchase additional coverage through LifeMap.  Premiums for voluntary coverage are based on the employees age and other factors.

Enrollment Form        Summary of Benefits        LifeMap Certificate of Coverage          Beneficiary Designation or Change Form        Additional Voluntary Group Life Insurance

Voluntary AD&D Summary      Voluntary Life Summary    Voluntary Enrollment Form


OPTIONAL BENEFITS - offered to all eligible employees through payroll deduction for which all of the cost is paid by the employee. Although the county does not contribute to the cost of these benefits, employees may benefit from lower group rates, tax savings and the convenience of payroll deduction.


Life Insurance - PERSI has made available a voluntary group life insurance plan through the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS).  This is a decreasing term policy which covers the employee and dependents for $16 per month.  Coverage varies depending on age and ranges from a maximum of $225,000 under age 25 to a minimum of $7,500 at age 65.  Spouse coverage also ranges from a maximum of $20,000 to a minimum of $4,000 depending on age.  Children are covered for $4,000 from 14 days to 21 years of age.  Eligible employees may enroll within 90 days of employment or during open enrollment periods in September and November of each year without proof of insurability.  Life insurance is also available through the county deferred compensation and flexible benefit plans.


Flexible Benefit Plan - In compliance with Section 125 of the IRS regulations, the county has chosen to sponsor a Flexible Benefit/Cafeteria Plan for employees. The plan is currently administered by American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (AFLAC).  The the Flexible Benefit allows employees to pay the dependent portion of health and dental insurance as well as other optional health insurance premiums before tax through payroll deduction.  The plan also allows employees to set aside money before tax in flexible spending accounts each year for payment of child care and health care expenses that are not covered by insurance including dental and vision care, and prescription medications.  For a more information on how you can save money by using flexible spending accounts to pay these expenses click on the following link.  If you are already enrolled you can also follow this link to submit claims for reimbursement, check your account balance, or check on the status of claims you have submitted.  http://takecarewageworks.com/



Deferred Compensation Plan - In compliance with Section 457 of the IRS regulations, the county has chosen to participate in the State of Idaho Deferred Compensation Plan.  This plan is administered by Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS).  It is primarily designed to allow employees to set money aside for retirement and delay payment of state or federal income taxes on the principal and earnings until funds are withdrawn.  Employees may access the money when they retire or any time they leave employment with the county without penalty.  They may also withdraw money from their account while they are still employed to meet unforeseeable financial hardships.  Employees may participate by contributing as little as 1% of their gross pay and may change or stop deferrals any time they wish.  A wide variety of investment options are available to employees which may be managed on-line.  Employees may get more information on the State of Idaho Deferred Compensation Plan and enroll on line using the following links with our employer ID# 612003 or contact our agent at 1-800-627-1583 Ext. 3 for more assistance.  Idaho Deferred Comp Plan      Information     Enrollment Forms     Other Forms & Information




Direct Deposit - Employees may elect to have their pay check deposited directly to their checking account and available to them when their bank or credit union opens on payday. Employees on direct deposit receive a pay stub showing all salary information, deductions, leave balances and other information generally included with their pay check through their department. Employees do not have to worry about getting their check to the bank when they are off work for any reason on payday. This is particularly convenient for employees who are on shift work.


Credit Union - Employees are eligible for membership at ISU Credit Union and Idaho Central Credit Union. Both offer free checking and competitive interest and loan rates to members. The county also offers employees to make automatic payroll deduction to their  account.


U-Bank at Work - U.S. Bank offers a workplace banking program to county employees who are on direct deposit. This program features free checking and no annual fee debit and credit cards to eligible members as well as reduced loan rates and other benefits.


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