Education Outreach

Eastern Idaho County Weed Superintendents have built three Education Trailers to assist in the education process throughout the area.  These are walk-through trailers that can go to community activities, schools, and events.

If you would like to have one of these trailers to your school, event, or activity contact us or your Eastern Idaho County Weed Superintendent.

Eastern Idaho County Weed Superintendent Contact Information

Educational Trailer - Terrestrial

3rd Education Trailer - Aquatic


Idaho hosts one of the most interactive web-sites for Noxious Weeds - the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign.  Roger Batt and his crew offer interactive and informational pages within the site. Panoramic pictures, informative videos, and non-copy righted pictures give anyone access to develop great projects of their own.  

Go to Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign


For all of our Weed of the Week articles  go back one level and look at Articles or press here BCW ARTICLES.  This has our Equipment Rental programs, presentations, calibration techniques, and much more information.

Play Clean Stop the Invasive's is one of the best resources for what outdoor enthusiasts can do to prevent the degradation of the climate and Natural Resources. Become a partner of Play Clean Go and you can utilize hundreds of promotional and education information as well as how you can get involved in the fight against invasive species and Weeds.

Bonneville Map

Bonneville County

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Idaho Falls, ID, 83402
Phone: (208) 529-1350