Rental Program

You can rent equipment to help in your own management of Noxious weeds.

Rental equipment includes:  Click on Unit to obtain Rental Agreement.

 Equipment  - Sprayers are boomless systems    Price

3 or 4  Gallon Backpack Sprayer (includes herbicide) 3,000 ft2 or 4,000 ft2 sq per tank

davehbackpack cropped



 $5.00 per day

25 Gallon ATV tank  - Treats 2 acres per load -15' foot boomless spray nozzle


   $15.00 per day

200 Gallon Slide-in-tank  Treats 6 acres per load  - 2 x 20' foot boomless spray nozzles & handheld

Slide in sprayer

   $25.00 per day

200 Gallon trailer Treats 6 acres per load  - 2 x 20' Boomless spray foot nozzles & handheld

200 gal spray trailer


   $25.00 per day



2 - 10 Gallon Horse Mount Sprayer  Uses your Decker Pack-Saddle


   $10.00 per day


The BACKPACK RENTAL PROGRAM is one of the most popular programs that Bonneville County Noxious Weed offers.  Many times we recommend a certain product to control a new invader or difficult noxious weed, yet to purchase a product is either too expensive or much too large of quantity for such a small job. By renting OUR backpack sprayer we will place the appropriate type and amount of the herbicide into the backpack - you go home and treat your property (Pasture, driveway or empty lot).  Once complete you return the sprayer. $5 per day for a backpack rental (Depending on product being used this could possibly vary. However, $5 is generally the amount) 

The rentals are for the control of NOXIOUS WEEDS ONLY. We are not able to rent our equipment for turf use.

The prices above do not reflect costs of herbicides and adjuvants.


Contract Spraying

Typical costs for herbicide application plus materials. 
0-4 acres—$15.00 per acre OR $60.00 minimum
5 acres + — $15.00 per acre
$30.00/hour per applicator plus $30.00/hour per vehicle
$25.00- $35.00 per acre for cost of herbicide depending upon product selection and combinations

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