Rental Program

You can rent equipment to help in your own weed management programs.

Rental equipment includes:  Click on Unit to obtain Rental Agreement.

 Equipment  - Sprayers are boomless systems    Price

3 or 4  Gallon Backpack Sprayer (includes herbicide) 3,000 ft2 or 4,000 ft2 sq per tank

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 $5.00 per day

25 Gallon ATV tank  - Treats 2.0 acres per load -15' foot boomless spray nozzle


   $15.00 per day

200 Gallon Slide-in-tank  Treats 6 acres per load  - 2 x 20' foot boomless spray nozzles

Slide in sprayer

   $25.00 per day


200 Gallon trailer Treats 6 acres per load  - 2 x 20' Boomless spray foot nozzles

200 gal spray trailer


   $25.00 per day

Atchinson No-till Pasture Drill - Pulled with your vehicle in the field - 8 foot wide, drills 6" apart


   $45.00 Per day

2 - 10 Gallon Horse Mount Sprayer  Uses your Decker Pack-Saddle


   $10.00 per day


The BACKPACK RENTAL PROGRAM is one of the most popular programs that Bonneville County Weed offers.  Many times we recommend a certain product to control a new invader or difficult weed, yet to purchase a product is either too expensive to purchase a whole container or much too large of quantity for such a small job.  By renting OUR backpack sprayer we will place the appropriate type and amount of the herbicide into the backpack - you go home and treat your property (Pasture, Ditch bank, empty lot).  Once complete you return the sprayer and pay your $5.00 rental fee. (Depending on product being used this could possibly vary. However, $5 is generally the amount) 

The prices above do not reflect costs of herbicides and adjuvants (except backpack rental). 


Contract Spraying

Typical costs for herbicide application plus materials. 
0-4 acres—$15.00 per acre or $60.00 minimum
5 acres + — $15.00 per acre
$30.00/hour per applicator plus $30.00/hour per vehicle
$20.00- $30.00 per acre for cost of herbicide depending upon product selection and combinations

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